College of Education and Health Professions

M.Ed. in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Program is a 34-hour non-thesis online master's program that prepares students for professional positions as educational technologists of education, business, government, and the health professions.

The program prepares students for a variety of work environments by offering core courses that are applicable to a multitude of professional venues. The program also allows for specific emphasis area studies via open-ended assignments and course electives that include courses particularly relevant to business/industry or K-12 environments.

The primary curriculum is comprised of eight core ETEC courses with an additional four ETEC elective courses, with students choosing three ETEC electives. Courses are revised on a regular basis in order to address technological advancements, pedagogical concerns, workforce needs, and developments in the field. In designing, revising, and maintaining the curriculum, the ETEC program has benchmarked against other institutions, gathered data from potential ETEC graduate employers, and interviewed former and current students concerning curriculum needs. The ETEC program strives to provide the most recent and relevant curricula possible to ensure our graduates possess the knowledge and tools needed to succeed upon degree completion.